Pet product sales skills

Issuing time:2019-06-06 15:17

In the pet store business process, we will encounter many problems, such as the sale of products, the improvement of beauty technology and so on. The sale of products is very important in the operation of pet stores. Here are the pets to introduce the product sales skills in the pet store.

1. Observe the customer's pet, whether the body is well-proportioned, whether the hair color is shiny, whether there is skin disease, etc., by chatting with the pet's daily life, you can provide reasonable information to the customer and recommend the product appropriately.

2, set up membership card points, once or accumulate a certain amount of consumption can enjoy the discount

3. Place your recommended products in the most eye-catching position of the display rack, about parallel to the line of sight of the person.

Diversified business activities

To diversify. Because of the fierce competition in the pet market, some products, such as dog food, have little profit margin, so it is difficult to maintain the operation of one store by one or two businesses. If you combine pet grooming (washing, trimming hair), foster care, etc., you can reduce stress.

Online shop--The online shop does not need to pay for the storefront cost, so it can save a lot of expenses. At present, many pet clothes, food, etc. can be purchased online.

Pet Hotels--There are many single-person urban white-collar workers who are often too busy for temporary business trips or staged work to take care of pets. Operating a pet foster care business, the daily fee is only twenty or thirty yuan. As long as the operator has a suitable business place, the animal habits are explained, and sufficient pet food and toys are prepared, which can almost “no profit”.

Pet Rental - Many people like pets, but they are too busy with work or restricted by family venues. They can't realize their desire to raise a dog. Opening a pet rental can make such people have a pet addiction.

Of course, the most practical and popular is the pet grooming service, the profit is high and the technical requirements are not high. They have attracted the attention of many investors. Careful management is required to be successful.

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